Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I want to delete my facebook photos from Google image index!

Did you just search your name on Google or Google image? wonder about your private photos on Google. If you like it! ya, Enjoy it. 

If you do not like to see your personal photos on Google image search, you have a solution. However, you needed to be little bit patient. It is take time to remove somethings from Google index, as it is a automated crawler which lists billions of data in a way that we can easily search and find.

First you must understand the reason behind why your photos go to search engines. It will help you to stop this happening with many of your day to day internet activities. If we write in simple way, search engines such as Google, baidu, Bing has robots (Crawlers) which can go through online websites and make an huge index which enable all of us to search and find information. If someone do not want their information to index in such services, they should have specifically stop these Crawlers coming to your information.

Due to privacy issues  Facebook has allow users to block their information from non-friends including these automates crawlers. So, if you do not like other people see your images except your friends

Go to privacy settings, probably using this link

Then set following default privacy setting into friends or custom setting.

It will stop public including indexers of famous search engines accessing your profile.

most important thing, it will not cause immediate removal. It will take considerable amount of time (days ... weeks) be patient!